Shopping in Munnar

Shopping IN Munnar

Munnar is the most popular tourist destination in Kerala and lots of local and international tourists floods to the destination as a part of their Munnar tour packages.
So there are definite places to shop. you can see shops showcasing souvenirs, small handcrafted items, paintings and cloths are common here. But I suggest not to go for such types of items because Munnar is not the right place to buy such items. So many tourist considered Munnar is not a shopping destination. Even though Munnar and over all Idukki district is considered as the land of spices and tea plantation you can buy fresh and pure spices and tea.

Munnar Tea.

Munnar is the land of Tea plantation. So you can buy pure, Quality and fresh tea from here. It is better to buy tea from the KDHP (Kannan Deven Hill Plantations) . This is a Tata Company outlet, which have many outlet let across munnar offers good quality tea in reasonable price. If you are very specific about tasting verity of flavors in tea, this is a place you can get unique flavors of tea which is not available in the other market. Here in the Tata outlet you can buy tea powder based on the location. The taste of the varies based on the location it grows. so you can buy kannimala and lakshmi tea as the plant grows in Kannimala plantation and Lakshmi estate.
There are two types of tea grades are available here. one is tea leaf and another is broken tea leaf. Tea leaf are costly and famous for its rich tea flavor. But the broken tea leaf (Dust tea normally called) is famous for tea with milk for it color. Green tea is one of the attraction which is highly valued for fighting against cancer. Green tea is very famous for its medicinal values. It help to improve the digestion and strengthen the immune system. It is very helpful in the purification of the blood and reduction of tooth decay.
Tea that available in munnar offer good health benefits. So those who visit Munnar as a part of the Munnar Tour package should definitely buy green and flavored tea as their first choice of purchase. Also you can buy tea packs as a gifts to tour friends and relatives for your Munnar tour Packages.

Spice of Munnar
Spice of Munnar

Spices of Munnar

Kerala is know to the Europeans and Arabs as the spice land. Because of the spice and its trading all the Europeans and Arabs came to Kerala. forigners are doing spice trade with kerala for thousands of years.
The major spices are Cardamom, Vannilla, Pepper, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Bettle Nut, Lemon Grass, Curry Leaf, Ginger and Garlic. In that Pepper is the king of spices.

Pepper- Spice of Munnar
Pepper- Spice of Munnar

Black Pepper

This is one of the widely used and earliest known spice in the world. There are diffrent types of peppers available.
• Black Pepper- cooked and dried unripe fruit
• Green Pepper- dried and unripe fruit
• White pepper- seeds from the ripened fruit of the plant
Pepper is Originated from south Indian but Vitanam is considered as the largest producers of pepper. Pepper is used in the food for cooking and garnishing. Rather than a spice which add taste to the food and also a food preservative it has many health benefits.

1. To prevent cancer
2. Stimulates digestion
3. Relieves cold and cough
4. Enables weight loss:
5. Improves skin
6. Addresses depression

Cardamom - Spice of Munnar
Cardamom – Spice of Munnar


This considered as the queen of spices because of very penchant aroma taste. Cardamom is considered as the third most expensive spice after Vanilla and saffron.
The health benefits of cardamom
• gastrointestinal protection
• cholesterol control
• control of cancer
• relief from cardiovascular issues
• improvement of blood circulation


One of the expensive spice in the world. Currently Vanilla is used to flavor for pastry and used in the beverages.
This is the aromatic flower bud of the tree. Cloves offer many health benefits.
1. providing aid in digestion,
2. antimicrobial properties
3. fighting against cancer
4. protecting the liver
5. boosting the immune system
6. controlling diabetes
7. preserving bone quality.


This is Slightly sweet and delicate spice widly used in many cuisines in Asia and western europe.
It has many health benefits
1. Ability to relieve pain
2. Soothe indigestion
3. Strengthen cognitive function
4. Detoxify the body
5. Boost skin health
6. Alleviate oral conditions
7. Reduce insomnia


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