Must see places in your Munnar Tour Package – Part 2

Places to visit Munnar

Tata Tea Museum

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Entry charges for TATA Tea Museum is Rs 75.  Don’t miss this tea museum when you are visiting  All days. Munnaror in your Munnar tour Package.  remember the Museum is opened from 10 Am to 5PM. . So choose different day to visit Tata tea Museum. You need to spent minimum 2 hours in the museum to see fully including the short video.  You can visit the museum any time you are in Munnar town as it is situated near  munnar town especially called the Nalluthanni Estate and owned by Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (P) Ltd. (KDHP) .

This mainly an Industry and history museum tell every visitor the story of  Munnar. How the untamed forest and hill station become the popular tourist destination and tea plantation city. In the museum showcases old tea processing machinery and equipment, Furniture’s of olden times  and utensils used. Also some of the leaders who contributed to become munnar a tea plantation town during the older time with limited time and resources. In the Tata tea museum you can see the live demo of how tea powder is made from the tea leaves. This will give us in-depth understating of different types of tea powders and its benefits and quality. This live demo and explanation will help every visitor on Munnar tour package will get an idea about what types of tea powder needs to be purchased what is benefits and why certain tea powder cost us more. This Tata tea Museum provide every visitor facility to taste the fresh and tasty tea from the counter. Tourists have many choices to taste different flavors of tea like Masala tea, Cardamom team, Normal tea, black tea, green tea etc.  Even you can buy tea powder from the counter which tastes best for you. Also purchase fresh and flavored tea powder as gift for your relatives and friends once you back from your Munnar Tour Package.

A Short film about Munnar and how it evolved as a tourist destination and tea plantation city is shown ever one hour. This half an hour video illustrate in detail about the history of Munnar, how Munnar evolved as tea plantation city, the pioneers involved in the making of Munnar, tribal’s of Munnar, the disaster that occurred  and how munnar people braved survived the disaster.

So Munnar Tea Museum should be definitely a part of your Munnar Tour Package itinerary.

Cheeyappara Waterfalls

Cheyappara waterfalls Munnar
Cheyappara waterfalls Munnar

On your way towards Munnar as a part of  your Munnar Holiday Package the first stop after Neriamangalam is Cheeyapara waterfalls. You can see lots of tourists stop there to see the beauty of the water flowing down like a milky way. you can enjoy the waterfall sipping a fresh and tasty hot  Munnar tea.  We can see  tourists take bath and play on the waterfalls . But it very dangerous. The rocks will be very slippery during the rainy season and those who are not familiar with such types of rocks and water.  There are lots of Handicrafts and souvenirs and displayed for selling, don’t buy anything as it is very costly and low quality.

Munnar Tea Plantations

Tea Plantation Munnar
Tea plantation Munnar

Tea is considered as the most widely drunk beverage in the world. The main producers of the Tea powder  are Chaina and India.  In India the Tea plantation is mainly in Assam and Kerala. In Kerala we can see tea plantation in  Munnar, Vagamon and Wyanadu. Munnar is the largest producer of Tea in Kerala. In your Munnar Package you should definitely include one Tea plantation visit.   Walk through the tea plantation and visit near by Tea factory.  You can get an idea how the final tea powder is produced from the tea leaves. It is better to visit the tea plantation and the tea factory after visiting the Tata tea Museum.  You will get clear information about the tea production  from the live demo arranged in the Tata tea Museum. So  after visiting the Tea Museum  if you visit the tea plantation and Factory you will get a better understanding.  I suggest to all the tourists who visit Munnar or in your Munnar Tour Package include a morning walk in the Tea Plantation. Ensure you have a guide to walk through the tea plantation and you should walk minimum 5 Km.  Plan for 5 to 6 people in your company and start your walk morning 6 AM.  This will be an amazing experience. The fresh air , Cool weather, mild aroma  and the beauty around you will be rejuvenating experience for your body and soul.


Pothamedu is a destination place for those who love nature in their Munnar Tour Packages. It is situated 5 Km from Munnar city and had a wonderful view point. The area of pothamedu is rich with tea plantation, coffee and cardamom. The scenic beauty of Nature from the top of the pothamedu is always a new experience to the tourists. If you are lucky enough you can view the Idukki arch Dam which is situated at a distance of 60 Km. Idukki is one of the largest Arch Dam in Asia built between two mountains.

Pothamedu also offer great experience to adventure sports lovers. This is an ideal place for trekking and hiking.  Your camera will always love the majestic beauty pothamedu.’

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