Best Seasons to Visit Munnar

Best Season to Visit Munnar

Munnar is the most popular tourist destination in Kerala. The destination attracted by the tourist by it scenic beauty and cold weather that makes tourist to include Munnar Packages in their Kerala Holiday packages.

Tourists have enough thrilling places to visit in Munnar. Also you can find many unexplored places in Munnar which are breathtaking. This hill station located at the western gats of Kerala is also a preferred dream destination for most Kerala Honeymoon packages. Definitely munnar honeymoon packages will be a memorable time for the newly wedded couples.
Munnar is one of the most tempting tourist destination in Kerala as visitors flowing to the destination throughout the year. Visitors from India and abroad also come to munnar in all seasons. But you can expect more visitors during the peak seasons.
Temperature in Munnar After monsoon the temperature in Munnar is very pleasant during august, September and October between 15 and 20 degree Celsius. During the November it falls to 11 degrees and the temperature further falls during December and January to 10 to 15 degree Celsius. During the spring and Monsoon the temperature can varies between 15 to 22 degree Celsius. So tourists prefer plan their Munnar tour package while the temperature below 20 degree.

Best time to Visit Munnar- winter

Great season to visit Munnar is the peak season of Munnar that is December. But the entire winter is considered to be an ideal time to visit Munnar. This season starts from November and continuous till February. During this time the weather will be more cooler and some day the temperature will drop to 5 degree Celsius also. You can see the mist coming down to earth that will be wonderful experience. Even the temperature drops to 5 degree Celsius. Even in such a low temperature, you can’t see any snow falls that makes munnar a safe hill station than Manali and Shimla. Honeymoon goers schedule winter as their Munnar Honeymoon Packages. Moreover this time also considered as an ideal time for adventure sports activities like trekking, rock climbing, cycling and rappelling. You should book the hotels and Resort in Munnar well in advance during the Christmas and New year Eve. There will be a massive tourist inflow during the Christmas and new year, even tourists are forced to stay in hotels kilometers away from Munnar.

Visit Munnar during Summer
Visit Munnar during Summer

Summer in Munnar – Good time to Visit

As Munnar is considered as the Kashmir or south India the weather will be cool always. During the summer, very rarely the temperature goes beyond 20 degree Celsius. So Munnar tour packages are very popular during the Summer also. But ensure that even the summer time also you should carry some light woolen cloths to escape from the cold. March to till May is considered as the Summer time in Munnar. Adventure sports in Munnar is peak during the summer season. The ideal temperature and no rain will support the adventure sports like rock-climbing, trekking, cycling and rappelling. During the rainy season the roads will be slippery. The clear sky during the summer will support the tourists to enjoy their adventure activities without any hurdles.

 monsoon in Munnar
monsoon in Munnar

Monsoon Season in Munnar

Usually Munnar is not considered as a preferred destination during monsoon. Monsoon season starts from June till September. It is actually the rainy season in Munnar. The rain in Munnar is different from other parts of the Kerala. Sometimes we cannot differentiate rain from the mist that is unique in Munnar. The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) sometimes arrange programs to enjoy the misty rain of monsoon . The Program is called “Monsoon Walk” . This give the Munnar Package during monsoon season a unique experience to enjoy the different rhythm of rains in the High Range. This help the tourist to rejuvenate them self and eventually started loving the Nature and contribute Positively.
Some people who want to hide away from the busy schedule of urban life and pollution will choose a Munnar tour package during Monsoon season. They will book a cottage, sit near the window and enjoy the rain through the window. You can make it more interesting by reading your favorite book and enjoying the traditional food of high range. Don’t forget to sip the high quality Munnar tea occasionally.
Try to don’t travel in the night during the monsoon season as there is a chance for road block due to land slide.

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